The project is designed to ensure high-level preparedness, boost closer cooperation and exchange of know-how and best practices in the field of forest fire (FF) prevention and management by the specialized national and educational institutions of Bulgaria and Serbia. This will be achieved by joint development and synchronized application of specific requirements, maps, procedures and trainings that enhance the coordination and management of collective reactions in emergency situations in the cross-border (CB) area.

The project encompasses joint classroom and on-field trainings of CB teams based on a unified methodology. They will elevate the level of preparedness of engaged students, professionals and officials from both countries to empower the joint implementation of integrated procedures for management of FF on a CB level. The procurement of specialized equipment (for practical use) and software (for lab simulations) is set to trigger enhanced CB cooperation as it implies interdependency of shared expertise. Planned to provide complementary knowledge across the borders, the activities contribute to the establishment of long-term foundations for continuous cooperation between the state authorities and educational institutions from both countries. This warrants superior protection of the CB area and its population and fosters intense relations in the area of fire safety and civil protection on cross-national and Balkan level.


GIS project "Forest fire hazard maps for two pilot areas: Bosilegrad municipality (Serbia) and Treklyano municipality (Bulgaria)" was delivered under project CB007.1.31.126 “Joint Training Programme for Forest Fire Prevention and Management”. The project is avaliable on the following link: http://ipacbc-bgrs-forest-fire-hazard-map.eu/. Additonally, on the Documentation section on the above web page (upper right corner) Study document in .pdf format accompaying the GIS project is provided.

Fire picture

Съвместна стратегия за управление на горските пожари, изготвена в изпълнение проект CB007.1.31.126 „Съвместна тренировъчна програма за превенция и управление на горски пожари“, одобрен за финансиране по Програмата за трансгранично сътрудничество Интеррег-ИПП България-Сърбия .

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Съвместни обучения на терен на български и сръбски студенти по проект СВ007.1.31.126

На 10 и 11 юни 2019 г. в град Перник, Република България Участие ще вземат общо 30 студенти..

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Начало на съвместните обучения по проект СВ007.1.31.126 „Съвместна тренировъчна програма за превенция и управление на горски пожари“

НВ периода 14-20 юни 2018 г. във факултета по безопасност на труда ...

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12/02/2018 среща на екипа за управление на проект CB007.

На 12 февруари 2018 година в сградата на РСПБЗН-Перник в гр. Перник,...

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На 18.06.2019 г. в гр. Перник се проведоха последните събития по проект СВ007.1.31.126

„Съвместна тренировъчна програма за управление и превенция на горски пожари“, финансиран по програмата за трансгранично сътрудничество Interreg IPA CBC България-Сърбия...

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Заключителна пресконференция по проект СВ007.1.31.126

На 18.06.2019 г. в град Перник ще се проведе заключителна пресконференция по проект СВ007.1.31.126..

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На територията на Област Перник бяха проведени две 2-дневни съвместни обучения

В периода 10-13.06.2019 г. на територията на Област Перник бяха проведени две 2-дневни съвместни обучения на терен за студенти по Проект СВ007.1.31.126 ...

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Academy of the Ministry of Interior (AMoI)

The Academy of the Ministry of Interior is an independent legal entity funded by the Government and granted with a university status. It is established as such by a Decision of the National Assembly of Bulgaria (St. Gaz. Nr. 62/25.06.2002). Its latest institutional accreditation is dated 03.10.2013 and is provided for a period of six years.

Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection –Ministry of the Interior (DGFSCP-MoI)

Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection (DGFSCP), Bulgaria is responsible for fire safety, rescue and protection of the population in cases of fires, accidents and emergency situations pursuant to Ministry of the Interior Act and Disaster Protection Act.

University of Nis, Faculty of Occupational Safety in Nis

Faculty of Occupational Safety (FOS), University of Nis is a modern, dynamic academic institution. It is one of the leading educational and research institution in Serbia covering occupational safety, fire protection, emergency and environmental issues. Presently, Faculty has 55 full-time, academic staff members.